Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installation and Repairs

Three Decades of Experience Serving Wayne, Ontario, and Seneca Counties

John’s Refrigeration in Clyde, NY, specializes in helping homeowners and businesses enjoy the comfort and energy savings of top-of-the-line geothermal heat pumps from Water Furnace – an industry leader in heating and cooling solutions that tap the earth’s energy to provide yearlong comfort while benefiting the environment.

Geothermal Heating

Is a geothermal system right for you? The specialists at John’s Refrigeration are here to answer all your questions and discuss the many advantages of choosing geothermal:

  • Higher Efficiency Equipment means more savings on heating and cooling your home and heating your water
  • Uniform Comfort All Year Long
  • Lower Noise Levels
  • Dependable Comfort in Every Season
  • Less of an Environmental Impact

We proudly serve heating, cooling and refrigeration customers throughout the area, including those in Wayne, Ontario, and Seneca counties from Syracuse to Rochester.